Friday, 30 September 2011


Last night, Amps went drinking with his buds. But i made him promise that id call him by midnight, and then id have him all to myself. It isnt really easy having to switch from a boyfriend who’s at your beck and call 24/7, and then suddenly one morning he gives me the saddest news ive ever heard in the entire 14months we’ve been together.. “I just got a new 8am-5pm job.” How.. Unfair.
So anyway, i logged in on the net to kill time and browse through some blog when i noticed the time, it was already a little past midnite, so i called him. And strangely, he said that they were done drinking and he just had to fix something of some sort. So i put down the phone and told him that id call in a few minutes so i can take my shower and id call him after so we can sleep. Yes. On the phone. I cant sleep without having him on the phone. His voice is my own personal lullaby. Cheesy. Sometimes, he tells me stories to make me fall asleep. SRSLY. But lately, hes just too tired, and would easily doze off to sleep. While, i on the other hand would twist and turn in my bed, not knowing how on earth i could sleep @ 12midnight when ive just gotten up from bed at  5pm :[ Body clock’s nuts. Before he got the job, we would stay up late together, or id call him any time i wanted, and being the selfish inconsiderate girlfriend that i am, i wouldnt mind disrupting his sleep every single night with my calls :D But i cant do that anymore. He has to get up at 6am, and ive been his personal alarm clock lately. We stay on the phone talking until he falls asleep. Then i would go online for a while, since i aint sleepy yet, then id call him @ exactly six to wake him up for work, and when he gets up from bed, it’ll be the time for me to hit the sack, and wave to the world goodnite. Toldya, body clock’s a mess.
So last night, was friggin annoying. I called him to say that i was just gonna take my shower, and id call him back after a while. But an hour had passed and i still havent logged off from my computer. He kept texting that he was already sleepy and he had taken a shower already just to keep him awake, and if i dont call him immediately, he might just close his eyes and doze to sleep and wouldnt be able to wake him up for God knows how long. What an ass. So he was threatening me? Haha. One of his sms went, “Call me immediately, or else id lose the data on my mind, about my bedtime story for you.” Haha! But yes, its true, it really is impossible to wake him up when he drinks. Drives me crazy :[

So an hour or so has passed and i knew that hed fallen asleep, but i was secretly hoping that he was waiting for my call, but goddamit, 53 missed calls after, and he still wasnt picking up his phone! Yes, im crazy that way. I keep my phone on auto-redial on nights when he isnt answering my call. Phone ringing all night. CRAZY. I know.

But thats just how i am. Told you, cant sleep without him on the phone. :]]


Sunday, 25 September 2011



Monday, 19 September 2011

Saturday, 17 September 2011

22 on the 16th

I dont. And God knows how much i bloodily refused the pleas of my mom to prepare anything for my birthday. I hate celebrations. Especially when i am the one who gets to spend a dime for it. It isnt the case though, my mom insisted, so there. Just very very very very simple, as what i instructed. Its just pointless to spend an obscene amount of money for something so superficial. Id rather buy a gallon of chocolate/coffee icecream, and id be the happiest birthday bunny ever. And where did that BUNNY came from?! Anyway. I actually just wanted my fave dish to be cooked, Pipian. I was aiming to not invite anyone anyway. But my mother, being the typical mother, cooked other dishes. See for yourself.

I was secretly pleased though, i love TURON :D

And my highschool friends came that afternoon. They were my mom’s visitors. Haha. She made me text them, so yes, i messaged them telling them that my mom prepared pipian and turon. And boy, did they all come. Everyone i expected, except for two. They are so easy to please. Pipian and Turon makes us all happy bunnies! ^^

Unlike kids these days, they focus too much on the luxury of life. Materialistic and preposterous. I remember in highschool, my friends and i enjoy the simplest of things. We would snatch each others’ isaw orders. Vandalize school properties. Bully other kids. Play Langit Lupa outside the classroom during our Research subject. Play Pusoy Dos. Go to the beach. Bring redhorse on a C2 bottle in school *snickers*. Very typical and oldschool childhood antics.

Now? what are kids into? Gadgets. Partying. Vices. Sex, pardon me for the term, i know its quite a little vulgar considering that im talking about kids. But yes, its true. When i was in school, i was just into crushes, puppy love, secret love letters, stolen photos and all those sappy hopeless romantic stuff. And now, what on earth do these kids do that they actually get babies at 12 years old?! GADDAMET!
Fine. Yeah. This is how getting old feels like. Arryt, enough with my rants.