Thursday, 27 October 2011

My Twilight Story

Once upon a time, i fell inlove with my own version of Edward. Everything seemed fine and perfect, until he vanished for reasons i can vaguely remember, and left me lost and crying in the woods. Then came Jacob, who served as my personal ray of sunshine. Masking all the gloomy clouds in the forest where i got lost. But a few moments later, with a burning fit of anger and flared up temper, he left me scarred and even more broken. Then i entered a stage of self-inflicted journey of pain and destruction. I deserved no one and nothing. I paved my way to my own grave. As i was doing so, i met the dark mysterious eyes of a stranger. With eyes like the night, and a stinging cold luminous skin which glowed even more under the moonlight. He ushered me out and away from where we were. And as it turns out, he was the villain, and was not someone whom i would typically fall for or someone i would choose for myself. But unexpectedly, i found in him, everything i was looking for. He may look like the evil guy, but with him, i was happy, i was myself. In James' arms, i feel safe and home.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Meet Lea, one of my closest Cyber Friend. She lives all the way from Davao and i am from the North, specifically, Vigan. I can even remember the first time we talked on the phone, we instantly clicked. Shes an online seller like i am, and on one particular night, i was super bored and was browsing over at a page and i remember reading her post which was "Haynaku, mabenta ko lang lahat toh, magpapagame ako." Naawa naman ako, so i checked out her shop and bought a few things. She turned out suuuuper nice and i kept ordering stuff from her from then and we would talk and chat often. We instantly jived together, having the same thoughts and opinions about the other people we met online, and the issues we see/read about.

She's also a nurse, like i am, who isnt working her ass off on a hospital or is in any health related job.Reason why i like her alot haha! To tell you honestly, i just photoshopped this picture, merging her on my photo. And everyone were amazed, they all thought it was real. Did you think so too? Lemme know :]

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Lemme share with you, what i did on one particular day i got bored and sick of my old MESSY ROOM!
Shoes, bags and clothes everywhere. Even my closet wont close anymore with all the clutter. My craft tools are scattered on the floor, im lucky i still have some space left on my bed where i can sleep. Sometimes, i end up just curling on the edge. But when im tired, i just kick everything out off my bed and lay ahem, peacefully to sleep. Yes, i can still feel at peace even when my room's such a wreck. But i grew tired of it and i wanted to organize my stuff, because ive been having quite a few missing items lately :[

Look at it now! :]

The zebra monster plushie is the Doll i made and gave to my boyfriend. Its an uber late gift in exchange for what he gave/made me. Read here. I also made that vertical lined mirror frame, and the night lamp which i covered with a zebra print cloth.

But this is what bothered me the most. Yes, obviously its a fail attempt of having a pink and black zebra theme, but look at the wall stickers! I UNINTENTIONALLY MADE IT LOOK LIKE A SNEERING SMILEY! Epic Fail. Im trying to find a way to cover it up or maybe post some other sticker to get an illusion of something a lil prettier :[
This is my self made lippie rack, i wanted to buy a big and tall one, but couldnt find something i want online. So one day, the boyfriend accompanied to buy me the stuff we'll need, we were supposed to make it together. But we fought and i brought everything home, i was just suppose to start it and let him finish it. But i got so excited and being one who loves crafts, i finished the entire thing in a night! I even glued a mirror at the top part and bottom, plus a mini spotlight so i can find the shade/lippie i want. Haha.


What about you? How does your own room look like? :]

Gifts and Parcels

As much as i love receiving parcels or packages, i also love receiving gifts. Yes, i am one selfish and greedy little girl. But im not really that hard to please, you can pick up a lovely shell from the beach, or pickup a random stone, or a pretty flower; hand it to me and ill cherish it with much love. Im not really into those expensive gifts or treats. I appreciate the more simple and thoughtful surprises. I am very sentimental, and i love keeping memorabilias and little useless stuff that means a whole lot of meaning and memories to me.

I am so lucky to have a boyfriend, who isnt blatantly sweet but very much thoughtful to say the least. He always wants to make me smile and happy. He always gives me the best gifts! He puts alot of time, effort and thought to the stuff he gives me, and sometimes, he gives me the most ridiculously weird gifts just to see me cringe or smile. Though, i know that he gives me the nicest gifts ive eveeeeeeeer received in my life, Im always very suspicious too. When he tells me that he has something for me, i immediately squirm in horror as to what it probably is. He would ask for my hand and open my palm so he could put the 'gift' he has for me. It always always scares me! I always imagine that hes gonna hand me a live insect of some sort; maybe a live hairy spider, or a nasty creepy crawly! Or gasp! Maybe even something slimy and disgusting!I would close my eyes and apprehensively offer my open palm to receive something as trivial as... those i mentioned above! Some of the other treats he gave me were a transparent crystal heart locket we picked up on the road while he was walking me home, a scrap silver chain i could use on my jewelry crafts, clothes, shoes, food and yes, a rock, a shell, a candy, chocolate, flower, notebook, etc. etc. etc.

Lemme share with you some of the things i received from him:
This are the ones ive been wanting to buy but never got to actually purchasing them since they were, i thought, a little useless. And i was almost out of cash. But to make me smile, on that particular day, he got it for me. Its a black eyeliner, i like the packaging! Small and sleek, and in black and pink! Plus, the end applicator is so hard and sturdy, not anything brush/pen like, which i like the most. Then i got a set of glitzy kawaii 3D dino stickers! I placed some at the back of my phone which you can read/see here.

On his first pay at his new job, he got me this black rosary necklace, i mentioned here. I was feeling down that day, and to cheer me up, he got me this. He was supposed to get me a few lipglosses, but i opted for this instead.

He also gave me this bag. And the shoes im wearing here. Im sorry i couldnt find a more decent pic of me actually wearing it, but its a pretty buckle and straps black wedge.
These are just some of his no-brainer gifts. Those he hadnt spent an effort on. But are sure hit to make my day. He is my own personal day-brightener-slash-happy-pill!

Here are the ones i really appreciate!

Doll-Meg, the Vitamin Bottle, and the Baby Wooden Crib

I like calling them that way, because:
A.) It actually is just an empty mineral water bottle, that he filled with tiny colorful M&M's. It was the fun pack chocs i was asking from him when i saw it in his house, but he was too stingy to give it to me. Turns out, he was really planning to give it to me on my bday. Yes, these were my bday gifts from him. Which i got at exactly midnite, or atleast a few hours before! :D Its my everyday vitamin. You all know how much of a lazy bum i am, so i even consider opening a candy wrapper or a chocolate pack too tedious and a hassle. Good thing, i can now just open the bottle and pop a few of em on my mouth! Haha! No wonder, im so fat, im such a slob.
B.) I dont actually know what this is. But it does resemble an infant's crib right? It also looks like a pig pen, or a wrestling arena! Haha. But accdg to him, its a place for my random stuff and little knick knacks so my room wouldnt be so cluttered. It was supposed to be where i could place my lipsticks, but he realized that i have too many of em, and they wouldnt actually all fit here. So i just placed it on my bedside table beside Doll-Meg, and it hit me instantly! ITS DOLL-MEG'S CRIB SLASH THRONE! They look so perfect together! Their brown organic native feel matched! Btw, Doll Meg is actually his self-made doll for me. Read here. Look at that kickass zipper mouth! And the 5 centavo buttons on his chest! Anyway, the "Crib" is also hand crafted by him. It looks like something i could actually display on our living room. But no, its DollMeg's bed now. It was beautifully strewn together. Its made of bamboo and twigs he saw lying somewhere around their house. Come to think of it, he could make a profit out of these things! Or was he just a previous in-mate who learned how to make handicrafts in jail?!  He poured all his time on these things, it actually annoyed me cos he was too busy! But when i saw em, i was super touched and overwhelmed by the amount of time and effort he put just to give me something special and unique. Not just some lazy store-bought gift. :'] Im so happy and super lucky that hes mine!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Carrot Carnival

Painted my nails last night, while watching Jennifer's Body and talking to the Boyfriend on the phone. Talk about multi tasking! Haha. I used my Etude House Orange Matte Nail Polish, but they looked so dry and unsightly so i added a clear glossy topcoat over em. Looks clean and nude, but still bright enough to seem a lil fun and not dull looking.

Anyway, lemme just share with you what a pain in the HANDS it was to remove my previous polish. Although i love my Nyx Girl's Polish in Carnival, it stained my nails so bad, and they turned brittle and rough :[ I love that it lasted me for so long, even if im such a wreck at maintaining polishes on my nails. I tinker everything with my nails, so they never last. But with my Nyx Carnival, even without top coat, they lasted for more than a week. I knoooow, its bad to keep the paint on the nails for more than 4days, hence the staining and brittleness. But im such a lazy ass, and they werent chipping no matter what i did, so i held unto them, as much as they held unto my nails. Haha. Lemme show you, how pretty my nails the nail polish was! This was only one coat, though i appied a sheer white polish as base.

After 2-3 coats, my nails started to remind me alot about the tiny multicolored shiny foils thrown as confetti during events/parties! Haha. And they also looked like those seemingly ink-splattered white gum balls!

Change Skin

..And im talking about my blog. I only have four followers, but yeah, it doesnt matter. I still love posting here, though its a lil more complicated as compared to the fuss-free Tumblr, i still enjoy posting stuff here, since once in a while, i get to receive some comments, which makes me smile and makes my day :] Such sweet girlies we have here.

Anyway,along with my new Blogger Skin, which is btw ultra girly and kawaii max, i am to post another recent photo of mine. Though not really very recent since this was taken a week or so ago. Which was the same day, the photo on my sidebar, was taken.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Hey, my name's on it!

On my last post here, i got a few items from Nyx USA, my personal favorite brand of cosmetics, just because it has MY name on it. Nah, really, they’re crazy pigmented in a lot of fun colors/shades and are very affordable too. The only downside is that, they arent available locally, so id have to order online, and if im lucky, the ones i want are onhand. But that rarely happens, so id have to painstakingly wait for a month or so for preorder items.

NYX GIRLS NAILPOLISH~rainbow sparkle,carnival, dreamy glitter ROUND LIPGLOSS~natural, beige, sparkle ROUND LIPSTICK~orange soda, blush, pumpkin pie, pink lyric, haute melon JUMBO EYE PENCIL~milk SOFT MATTE LIP CREAM~antwerp GLITTERATI PALLETE
~Too bad though, most of the items i wanted, were OOS. Almost half of em :[[ Made me real sad. Yes, thats how mundane i am. When the things i want are or stuff that ive been WAITING/LEMMING for arent available, it puts me in such a bad mood, that id start looking for my Boyfriend, so he could cheer me up with something even more mundane, just to make me happy again :]]

Which in this case, was the Black Rosary Necklace from Oxygen, that i badly wanted, but we both knew was only a waste of money since i can make them myself. And i already have hoards of Rosary Neckpieces, my staple accessory. He was so nice to get it for me, made me happy instantly! He was actually about to buy me something Lippie-related, like a gloss or lipstick, but i wanted the necklace instead and he was more than happy to indulge me. He doesnt like the idea of me hoarding on a loooot of lipsticks anyway.

Back to the topic, these are the only ones i got, plus some additional products for a friend of mine. And also the nail polish in Carnival, which i absofvckinlutely adoooore to pieces, but is missing on the picture!

 Anyway, this is just a quick overview about the products.

So those are the swatches. Plus the additional green glittery eyeshadow, i got for free. Thats the reason why i love getting prods from Ms.Eu, there’s always a freebie! This is my third purchase from her, and im actually on my fourth now :D

So here’s the FINAL list of shipped items:

Heres my take on them:
RLG NATURAL~Pretty muted opaque nudey-mauveRLG SPARKLE~A sheer sparkly MLBB [My Lips But Better!]RLG CAFE LATTE~Matte Coffee with creamer shade [haha!]
RLS BLUSH~Muted rose pink
RLS PUMPKIN PIE~Semi Frost nude beige with a pretty sheen [MY FAVE!]
JEP MILK~Matte White [Perfect as Eyeshadow base/primer]
SMLC ANTWERP~Matte peachpink shade

So there, will show you swatches of the other prods some other time.[eg. Apricot gloss, elf pen eyeliner, and some of my other lippie prods i havent reviewed/swatched yet] //lazyass

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Sophie Martin

Something came in the mail the other day! Yipee *ecstatic*
Who doesnt adore getting packages in the mail? WHO DOESNT? I loooove the anticipation and the surprise of unboxing or opening parcels with the thought of acquiring new stuff! May it be ultra cute or mighty disappointing! Haha.

Anyway, i ordered these from an online seller, since i couldnt find a Sophie Martin dealer here in Vigan. Got a few lippies, mostly in nude-peach shades. Too bad, the two tester lippie kits i wanted wasnt available and two of the tubes i wanted was OOS. How unfortunate. I just might order the others some other time.

So i got 6 J’adore lipsticks, 2 Kluge Moisture Lipsticks, 2 Magic Pink Cream Blushes, Strawbie-Milk Moisturizing Peel-off mask, and along with my SM prods, is the Pond’s Matte Pressed Powder.

Lets start with the non-Sophie one haha

This is actually an item i won in her auction, won it at only Php 50 i think. I dont really need it, but because the starting bid was so low, i got it. I actually dont own a pressed powder/foundation, since everything i get usually would look cakey or worse, would turn my sebaceous glands on hyperactive mode. Haha. Poor me. Forever oily. *cries* But this one, i surprisingly came to love. I used it once and i loved the outcome, it sorta mattified my face, just a lil, since i only applied it on very lightly, afraid that my oild glands would act up again. I havent tried applying it as a foundie, i just might try soon. Ill buy a new one, COS UNLUCKILY, i dropped it and it cracked. Aww :[

Next is the StrawbieMilk Moisturizing Peel-off Mask, which is a complete waste of money, though it wasnt really expensive Php135 i think? But still, i couldve gotten another lippie instead of this. Anyway, this was a total disappointment. I love applying face masks and nose packs. I like the idea of “peeling”! So i wanted something i could use often. Something with actual effects and benefits. So when i saw this, wanted to try it asap. Strawbie and Milk, sounded so promising. Strawbies for that extra scrub-like feel and the luscious scent, and Milk for the moisturizing effect. Ive always loved Strawbie and Milk variants when it comes to beauty prods. Anyway, heres a shot of the product itself.

It was so ‘runny’. Yes, it was a lil sticky, like most are. But it didnt quite adhere to my skin and i didnt feel it sticking really. Didnt even feel tight. Maybe it was the “milk” that caused it that way. I felt like i was just putting on my usual heavy-moisturizer cream. It dried up after a few minutes, felt only a small tinge of tightnes. I was excited to peel, hoping to see any grime it took out. BUT HELL, I DIDNT KNOW THAT I WAS GONNA LITERALLY PEEL IT OFF MY SKIN! INCH BY INCH!!!!! IT KEPT TEARING! It was so thin, i dont know if i applied a very small amount, but i tried applying it thicker, but still, it was one hell of an experience! I couldnt get it off my face, and im not a very patient person. So i went to the bathroom and washed it all off instead of peeling it painstakingly out of my face. It was a total mess. So now, instead of using it dry, i actually apply it on my ‘wet’ face while taking a shower, sort of like a facial wash-creme. Just so i could put it to use, and not let it rot on my shelf. Sigh.

Next is the cream blushie i so love, The sophie magic pink cream, that everyone on the net raves for. I got my first try on this for free. Ryan won a game, and this was the prize. And naturally, he didnt want it so he gave it to me instead. And i loved it! I actually have four tubes now. they come in this tiny little squeeze tubes, which has a very small amount inside. It mostly contains air, but well, it only costs Php70.00 so what can i expect? I wish they had a larger size for this, but its all good since it can fit in my purse/kikay kit. So yeah, its fine. its something i can wear pretty much everyday, it has this bright pink stain on the cheek that lasts the entire day. Im a sucker for stains and tints since i dont trust my sweat and oil glands in making my makeup stay long! Anyway, when you squeeze the prod out of the tube, it comes out in a white watery cream form, and you really have to blend right away, and by the way, you only need a tiny amount. But for me, i layer it on, twice. And when blended, heres how pretty it looks..

And here are my Sophie Martin lippies, which i will make a separate blogpost on. So i could show you the shades, one by one. I got mostly the nude-peachy ones, since the pinks that i wanted [Ice Pink and Blushy Pink werent available], so what i have are Velvet nude, Mango Peach, Cotton Peach, Summer Pink [which didnt register pink on me], Cotton Peach, Caramel Sugar and Red Pepper [which Yayi owns now]. I love the names of the shade!

Friday, 7 October 2011

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Dino Bunnies

Being my usual lazy-ass bum self, and while watching Canada’s Next Top Model, decided to tinker around with my two cellphones which are my constant bed companions. I hung some flimsy cute charms and stuck some glittery 3d stickers which i got the other day. Yes, you can say im bored. The boyfriend would laugh again when he sees those heart shaped and dino stickers on my phones. But who cares! Me thinks its mega cute, teehee!

Gummy Candies

Was spose to meet up with Loh and Babs at three pm but i was too lazy to get up from bed, and was busy tinkering with my nail polish stash that i actually decided to prep my nails. Ive been wanting to get a decent mani/pedi, but was too lazy lazy lazy to go out and be toasted under the sun!

So there, i was actually aiming for the gradient look. So i layered three colors, first was a metallic forest green shade which turned lighter when i swiped the next color, which was a bright yellowgreen. And lastly, i swiped on one layer of a sheer neon yellow shade. YEY! Lemon-y sour-y gummy candy looking nails! I love it so much! Looks ultra cute and.. YUMMY! I just had to drag myself out of my room and meetup with my friends, and the boyfriend, to show em my masterpiece! Haha! Its the first time i ever came up with something cute on my nails! Haha!

We met in Mcdo, ordered the usual, fries and caramel sundae. Then we went to Kuboville for dinner. Ordered my fave Poqui-poqui. Which i think is an exclusive Ilocano dish which mainly consists of eggplant and egg. Hmm. Mind’s being nemic now, Eggplant and Egg.. How particularly peculiar :D Well anyway, after dinner, we headed to Triple 8. And since Amps had just gotten his first salary from his

Monday, 3 October 2011


"Guys. Please treat your girls the most special way you can. With utmost love and care, like you would for your own mothers and future daughters. Please do. PLEASE."

Glitter Boa

Remember the glitter polishes i acquired last time? 
I did my nails when i got bored, and just so i could rid of my dirty looking orange-pink nails that were absolutely chipped to the core. At first i was disappointed it was just a clear glittery polish, but i liked how it turned out on my nails. Looked cleaned and sparkly, but not over the top. Amps would love this! He doesnt like loud nail colors on me, especially red. So here’s how it looked after tons of coat, just to make the glitters appear, though there still werent many!

Till next time, Stay pretty lovies :]

Seduce my mind and you can have my body. Find my soul... and I'm yours forever..

Kluge Moisture Lipstick

From my recent purchase of Sophie Martin products, I got two tubes of Kluge Moisture Lipstick; in Apricot and Candy Peach. Here is how the packaging looks like, Sort of reminds me of Etude House’s Dear Darling Lippies. Maybe because of the Pink Transparent Case. But this one’s smaller than the average lipsticks. If im not mistaken, they just measure around 2.5 inches. I adore the packaging, how i wish i could have gotten more shades. Theyre so pretty to look at! ^^

The only downside was that, the name of the shade is typically written on the bottom of the tube, which means id have to check the label first which is kind of tedious for me. Reason why i like Nyx’s RLS tubes since the color sample is basically on the bottom, and i need not read the tiny texts underneath it to figure out the shade.

And one more thing, if you actually could see, the shade code is more prominent than the name of the color itself. I didnt even realize that “Candy Peach” was actually written on it the first time i saw it. All i saw were those LK12931, LP23144, L31209324242959025820542058205. Random numbers and letters on every single tube i received, including the J’adore lipsticks.
So on with the swatches.

Lets start with Apricot, which is my current favorite lippie right now. Its a basically a warm orangey peach with a bit of sheen. But not too much that it looks frosted. Most orange shades actually look either too frosty or tends to lean more on red tones. Here are pics with one swipe at the back of my hand. Color’s buildable.

Some closeup shots. Sorry for my super wrinkly lips :[

On to the next shade, Candy Peach, a very milky pink shade. Almost sheer, but buildable. I was spose to get this alone, since the tester kits werent available. Heard so much good reviews about this shade, but i didnt like it much. Just doesnt suit me. And i aint into milky pinks anyway, i tend to lean more on peachy pinks or the ultra hot pinks.

Pigmentation is poor. Offers very minimal coverage. Smells awful.

And, Full face photo with the Apricot shade that i absolutely adore.
SORRY, i just HAVE to. Haha. Prepare to be baffled!

Color reminds me of my Avon Moisture Lipstick in Island Glow, which i too love.
Too bad, it cracks my lips at the end of the day and doesnt stay very long.
Almost same shade but this one from Kluge is a sheerer version.

Ciao, bellas :] Have a blessed sunday.