Sunday, 13 November 2011

Nyx wearing Nyx

From my previous blogpost, i was actually wearing my favorite hotpink lippie:
Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa

Here's some full-face photos of me wearing it..
Its in a liquid creamy form that dries perfectly matte in a few seconds after applying on the lips. It has a sort of vanilla scent in it, but not really, i cant quite figure out how to describe the smell. Has great pigmentation, doesnt dry/crack my lips. Affordable. But not locally available, unless you order online, and sometimes, this shade is almost always OOS. Since its one of the best seller shades, it being the truest and perfect hotpink color with the perfect consistency. Okay, enough with the raves. Haha. I have it in another shade, Antwerp. Ima show a swatch some other time. Tata, Ladies. :]

Saturday, 12 November 2011

The Boyfriend Cut

People who are really close to me would know that i have this weird fetish for tall, lanky, skinny, fair-skinned guys with LOOOONG HAIR :D I always seem to have the hots for them. But it kinda got frustrating when i had really short hair. I know, it was weird seeing a lil pudgy girl with boyish hair together with a tall skinny guy who has LONGER hair. Gah. Not the perfect sight. But im used to it. 

The first picture shows how long his hair was the first time we got together; the first time i saw him his hair was tied up in a neat ponytail, my personal favorite! Second pic, was the time i urged him to cut his hair the first time. He kept the long bangs though, i dont mind. [HOW MANY TIMES DID I JUST USE THE WORD 'FIRST'?! hahaha] 

Ive been with this CREATURE here for a year and 4 months. But it feels like ive known him my entire life. You know the kind of feeling you get when youre with youre childhood friends or those cousins you grew up with, or simply the kind of "sibling chemistry" you have with your older bros? Well, thats honestly how i feel about this ahem, Man-meat here. We fight alot, we argue, we wrestle, we curse at each other, we piss each other and runaway once the other gets pretty mad and is ready to pounce. We're very childish together; we can be together just eating talking laughing sleeping the whole day and never run out of some other more childish things to do. He loves taking me to weird random places that are always very pretty and beautiful. Not those classy restaurants or those expensive hotels or resorts or vacation spots. But just the perfect kind of surprise, a sort-of chill place we can call our own.. like a secluded part of the beach, a  beautiful spot inside a creepy looking forest, a mysterious river ive never been into before with pretty white geese chilling nearby, a cave, the mountains, hills, the woods; just absolutely everywhere out of nowhere. I kind of remember Bella and Edward chilling in their own spot in the meadows just enjoying their time together doing absolutely nothing but feeling perfectly happy.

Arryt, enough with the cheesy sappy rambles. Haha. So one day.
We went out to have his mane tamed again, it was growing out so fast it didnt look neat at all. And since he has this new job, he needed to look atleast, ahem.. presentable. Haha.
A collage of our pics while getting bored and waiting for his turn in the barber shop.

And then finally!

Look at the apprehension on his face while his hair was being cut much much shorter! He looks like a scared lil kitty! Haha. He was always convinced that he doesnt look good with the usual short decent boy-cut.

After much anticipation, here's how he looked like after.
This were taken on our way to his friend's house, and inside the house.

It looks neat, Right? Spiffy and just right. And i hate to admit it, but he looks a tad more ahem.. dashing now. I hope he doesnt get to read this. It will all go to his already full-blown head, HE LOVES HIS HAIRCUT NOW! *feelingeroforever*

So to ahem, show off his new 'do, we went to his friend's house and another friend's grill to eat something.
And that something is actually OUR FAVORITE PANCIT ABRA! Which is the specialty of his friend's dad. We love it! We make sure we go there after his work, atleast everyday. HAHA! Thats how much we love it, hes always hungry after work anyway. And because he was feeling ecstatic about his new look, he ordered more than the usual; barbecue, hotdog, isaw. I WAS SO FULL AFTER! And he even gave me several 5-peso coins so i could sing on the videoke. HE SHOULD GET A HAIRCUT MORE OFTEN! Haha! He was such in a good mood. ^__________^

Look at the first 2 pics, he was actually dabbing on loose powder on his face! He hates putting anything on his face! But i told you.. warned you, he felt EXTRA VAIN and 'guapo' that time. Haha. Feeler!

He feels happy and ecstatic, and so am i :D I aint complaining about the haircut, but the suddedn inflated ego is getting into my nerves. Lord, help me! haha :]]

Friday, 11 November 2011


When i found the time to actually tidy up my room, i found a few forgotten pieces/mementos that i think is a lil worth bloggin about. Not that i have other more important stuff to write about though, haha.

So yes, here are some of the things i found lying in my room; hidden, scattered and almost forgotten.

Yes, i own a few pieces of Faux Hair. Ive always hated my thick wavy unruly hair. So stubborn i can barely style it in any way i want. Reason why i always end up just dyeing em, instead of styling my hair just to sport a new look.  So i did say that i have ultra thick hair, so the last thing i want would be added volume. But i wanted to try on some hair extensions, its actually the length that im after. I miss my long straight hair, which got LITERALLY chopped off more than a year ago. I purchased a black full-head straight hair extensions, and two pieces of clip on 22inches brown black curly extensions.

Here's a photo of me wearing the curled ones. With the straight hair extensions, i have yet to figure out a way to actually blend it on my real hair for it to look natural.

Another thing i found in my room, was this striped sling bag, which i actually got from a Thrift Shop.
Looks dirty, and it was pretty much damaged and useless when i found it. Had several loose stitches, but it caught my fancy~ the stripes, the mirror, the size, and the black and white color. I got it for Php50. I manually repaired it, and now i can proudly sport it along with my favorite black and white get-ups.

This is yet another self-made creation of mine, it was originally just an ordinary pictrue frame. An old one, i didnt even like using or displaying in my room. I painted it black, and i wanted to just put a one piece mirror in it, but i couldnt find one that could fit the frame. So i decided to just print out a Black and White Damask design where i could paste a photo of mine on the center, BUT on one of my trips to the crafts/knickknacks/DIY store i found a couple of small panel-like handy mirror which were Php5.00 each. I lined them up inside the frame, to mimic a mosaic-like mirror with broken images/reflections. A perfect item to add a bit of texture and angular feel on my perennially boring side table.
But please please i really would love to have a long and huge venetian mirror on my room ;[

I also found stickers of my Online Shop.

Some Korean Beauty product samples. BB creams from Lioele and Skinfood, Toner and Emulsifier from Missha, Yogurt Facial Foams and Moisturizers.
They were all just..okay, i wasnt impressed with any of em. The BB creams, made my face even oilier after a few minutes. But i loved using this Strawberry Yogurt pack the most!
It smells heavenly, was creamy and light on the skin. Very moisturizing too. Plus, it looks yummy enough to eat! IT HAS THOSE SEEMINGLY STRAWBERRY SEEDS, or bits or beads whatever. They actually melt on the skin when  you apply it. Wouldnt feel a thing.

And also i found this uber lovely pink zebra print wrapped box!
Looks so pretty, imo! Well yea, i love anything with zebra prints anyway. PLUS ITS PINK! :D
It actually houses "Ampad" my 7inches android tab which is with my Boyfie right now. He watches movies in it, or play games.
So there! THOSE ARE ONLY A FEW OF THE CLUTTER I UNEARTHED IN MY ROOM! Will update you with more clutter next time! Haha! See you ;]

Nyxie Pixie

Nyx is probably one of my favorite cosmetics brand.
Maybe even my number one favorite. I own quite a few products from them, and i am still eyeing a lot of their products and im hoping that i can get them soon. :D

Anyway, their Round Lipsticks are pretty much their bestsellers since its relatively very cheap, ultra creamy and soft, has very good pigmentation and offers a HUGE array of different shades and colors.

Here are some of my RLS:

Orange Soda, Fusion, Paris, Electra and Femme

I forgot to take photos of my other RLS [in Blush, Pumpkin Pie, Circe]

Orange Soda, Fusion, Circe, Femme, Electra, Paris

Hope you enjoyed my quick post about my favorite cosmetic brand! Till next time, Muah!

J'adore Lipsticks

Here are my tubes of Sophie Martin J'adore Lippies.
I forgot to blog about em, but ive acquired these quite a long time ago already. So yeah, ima show you in this post a swatch of each one of em on my forearm.

Here's how the packaging looks like. Pretty neat and simple in a black and pink tube, adding a hint of elegance and sophistication

On to the swatches:

This is SLPN01 or the VELVET NUDE shade
A creamy peachy-brown color, which is one of my faves in the bunch.

SLPB01 or  Caramel Sugar
I thought this was another bright orange peach color, but it registered as a deep peachy pink shade. A perfect mlbb lipstick.

SLPC01 or Cotton Peach
A very soft and creamy coral peach shade. Ultra cute on the lips.

SLPK02 or Summer Pink
An everyday kind of pink, a not too bright shade of rosepink. Perfect for that natural pink tinge on the lips.

SLPC02 or Mango Peach
A close match to Velvet Nude, but this one is more peachy in color and alot brighter.

~Summer Pink, Velvet Nude, Cotton Peach, Caramel Sugar, Mango Peach [Apricot, Candy Peach]
With Flash
Withou Flash
~Summer Pink, Velvet Nude, Cotton Peach, Caramel Sugar, Mango Peach [Apricot, Candy Peach]

Plus my 2 Kluge Lispticks, also from Sophie Martin [2 on the leftmost side] Candy Peach and Apricot
Heres how my arm looked like after wiping and rubbing it off with a tissue, they all left a noticeable color stain.

What about you, do you have any favorite among the Sophie Martin Lipsticks? :]

How many more times can i be broken, before i Shatter?

Dont trust too much. Dont love too much. Because that 'too much'..

Can hurt you so much.

~What upsets me most, is not that you lied to me, not even about you not being totally honest with me; but the fact that from now on, no matter how much i want and how much im willing.. i can no longer believe in you completely.

This may not mean alot toy you, small and petty as it may seem, but for a year and four months, this is the first time youve broken my trust. It was wrong of me to still ask, when i already knew the answer.

Well maybe because i had trusted you too much, loved you too much. And now, that 'too much'.. is currently hurting me this much.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Love Swap

Hello dearies, its been a while since i last updated this blog. I have been a lil busy these past days. Since my Lola died a week ago, and i was basically in our family house the entire time. Or if not, i was out with my cousins, whom i only get to see once or twice a year.

Anyway, this is an overdue post about someone i swapped items with. Just so you guys know, i used to have an online shop in Facebook, and there was this one remaining pair of lens i wanted to get rid of, so i posted it on an album, looking for anyone who wanted it [to buy/swap].

And this one lovely person, an online store owner as well, messaged me that she would gladly offer some items from her store, in exchange for the lenses. I WAS MORE THAN HAPPY TO ACCEPT HER OFFER! I browsed through her items and picked up several stuff, which in total was of the same price as the pair of lenses she will be getting from me. I actually got a little carried away, cos she had alot of nice things i wanted to get, i even had to add a lil amount of gcash just so i could add one more item. So here are the stuff i got from her:

1 sheer lace sleeveless cropped top
1 gray floral sleeveless cropped top
1 brown cardigan
1 black chunky drop necklace


Here's me wearing the lovely necklace and the lace top [which i wore over a black spaghetti strap top]

I love the necklace to bits! It makes any outfit look dramatic!

Anyway, im looking forward to having another swap with someone else next time. For now, ima find some more stuff to post.

Have a lovely day, dearies :]

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Lippie Update

Here's how my lipstick collection looks like now, with a few other things mixed in.
I can see some lipbalm and brush in the pic, which werent supposed to be there, but i was too lazy to remove. I have atleast 40 lip prods right now.

Im also gonna show you a few swatches of my recently purchased Nyx round glosses:

This is NYX ROUND LIPGLOSS IN SPARKLE~ a sheer sparkly mlbb shade. I love the glitters and sparkles of this one. It looks pretty on top of any lipstick. Just to add a cute sparkly effect on it. I hope i could capture on the photo how absolutely pretty the gliters look like.

Next is, Nyx Round Lipgloss in Apricot. A semi sheer, semi opaque Tangerine color. I like layering this over some of my orange toned lipsticks, just so i could get a juicier shade.

Im gonna do a swatch of my other Nyx Glosses next time.
In Natural, Doll Pink, and Cafe Latte. Watch out!

What about you, do you have a favorite lipgloss? :]


While i was in Manila, a few weeks ago, i dropped by Watsons to buy some stuff i needed and i also had to check out their makeup counters. I actually saw those that ive been lemming for for so long: Maybelline's Angel Rose, which wasnt actuallly as light as what i expected, so i hesitated on getting it. It sells for 399 or 299, im not sure. Then, i checked out Revlon's shelf and swatched their colorburst lipsticks, which was 499 a tube. I have one from that line, in Carnation shade. A light cool toned slightly sheer shimmery pink. Which i wasnt so crazy about. But i was eyeing the Soft Nude shade, but didnt quite look nice. But it was one of the most popular drugstore nude lippies. I was more curious to get Peach, which i think would suit me more. I dont really look good with pale nude lips with absolutely no color. I look terribly washed off or ill. I dont know, maybe i havent found my HG nude lip products.

I was about to check out when i passed by Kokuryu's counter, where i usually buy my foundation cake in Jade shade, the green one which balances my discolorations and reduces the look of inflammation and redness of my zits/scars/etc. I didnt know that they had lipsticks, i just read somewhere before that they do offer quite a few makeup products aside from the powders and foundation. So i browsed on the available shades. I read a review about their lipstick in Flame shade, which was a bright matte orange shade. Very pigmented. Sells for 149 each, if im not mistaken. I got one tube for myself, and heres how it looks on my lips. I had to apply a liberal amount of petroleum jelly prior to application, cos it was hard and very drying. Im guessing that this would make my lips chap and even more wrinkly after a day of using this. I havent gone out wearing this color, i just swatched it on my lips for a few minutes for this post. Ive been wanting a matte orange shade and this is an affordable choice. Especially that this isnt one that would fit an everyday kind of lippie. The scent bothers me too, i cant explain it. Reason why, i aint really crazy about wearing this one out. I also noticed that without flash, and on my super pigmented lips, it leans more on a red-orange shade.

Next one i got, from the same line, was the Cheshyre Rose shade. A brownish mauve shade. I am crazy about nude shades lately, cos i cant seem to find one that perfectly suits me. It did look 'nude' when swatched on my arm, but draaat. Did it look PINK on my lips. Is it because of how heavy my lip pigmentation is? I wish i had paler lips, so it would be a great base for colors to pop out. Haha.
I am so disappointed with this one. I want it to be more brown or beige. I have enough pinks to last me a lifetime, and i dont need another pink lipstick that isnt even attractive enough to wear on a daily basis. Smells awful and is very drying.

Over all im giving these lip products a 2/5.
For Affordability and Pigmentation.