Friday, 23 December 2011


It'll be Christmas eve tomorrow, but i dont feel giddy and excited at all. Not an inch of me feels 'merry'. Hmm. Maybe its because those people i used to celebrate Christmas with for the past years, i know wont be celebrating it with me now. I have a very huuuuge extended family. When i was younger, all my cousins from all sorts of places would come home to my Grandparents house during the holidays and we'd all get to see and play with each other. There'd be a tonful of gifts under the christmas tree, and id huddle under it tryna see which ones belong to me. There would be alot of us kids but we'd all have gifts and pamasko from the tito's and tita's, lolo's and lola's. It was just so happy. One time, i remember receiving Playstation 1 from my lolo. It made me hella happy. Plus, i also regularly received a gift from Santa! I enjoyed opening gifts, singing and playing parlor games infront of everyone! 

Now, for one, My Mama aint home. She's still in Abu Dhabi and i badly miss her. But ill be sending her a gift, a customized shirt i designed that the boyfriend will print tomorrow. Here's the design i made.
Second, my dearest Lola just passed away last month. I actually miss her scolding all of us when we'd get too noisy and rowdy in her house. But she adores all of us, and especially me, i believe, since i always get a bigger amount of pamasko from her. Moohaha! :D

And then third, my beloved Lolo just went to the States a few weeks ago. And my closest and fave tita and tito wont be coming home here in the province too, since their flight is scheduled on the 27th. They'll be migrating to the States too.

Fourth, our family house is technically EMPTY. Not really, but it feels like it. No one's usually home. Lahat may kanya kanyang lakad. Sad.

Fifth, my tita who usually cooks for us during Noche Buena decided to spend Christmas in Manila with her other side of the family. SO NO SCRUMPTIOUS FOOD WORTH LOOKING FORWARD TO :[ Plus, she gives me the nicest gifts! ALWAYS MAKEUP! She know me too well. 

Sixth, i know i wont be receiving any gifts tomorrow night. I KNOW, im not a kid anymore, Its just that nothing beats the sheer joy of opening gifts and the feeling of anticipation and surprise. Oh well. And most likely, id be getting just cash; though i doubt it too, since i dont have Ninongs and Ninangs, they all disappeared from the face of Earth. All overseas and i barely know any of em. PERFECT.

Anyway, to lighten up the mood though, ima show you a few of our home Christmas decors:

That's it. I hope tomorrow will be better. I don't wanna celebrate the supposed happiest occasion of the year, feeling this way. May you guys have a lovely Yuletide Celebration too! :] Merry Christmas, y'all!

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Happy Birthday to my Frenemy!


Its actually my Mom! Haha. Here's my wallpost in FB for her birthday.

Yes, we dont get along really well, like what ive mentioned in my Girl bonding post, but still she's my mom. And i love her. Though she's annoying. Haha. I know she wont be preparing anything and wont be getting any gifts; she has no plans on her birthday at all. She wants to just rest, she said. So i whipped up a plan with the boyfriend, we went gift-hunting. After 2 days, we got her the tan sandals she wanted to purchase but her size was OOS. I fortunately found another store with the same item, and they had her size. Yei! 
And then we went to the grocery to buy the ingredients we'll be needing. Yes, i attempted to COOK. My boyfriend was skeptical about the whole idea of me cooking; i swear, i could read the disagreement in his face the entire time! How unsupportive!!!! Anyway, i was planning to cook something very simple anyway, so i worried not. Just pasta. No fuss. When i was done cooking, i posted a photo of it on Twitter, just to show everyone how actually EDIBLE it looked. I actually brought some for Amps and his friends during their inuman, when i sneaked out of the house and went biking around at night. Masarap naman DAW. 
Here's everything i prepared for her. Cept the box of brownies which my Tita brought for her, sweeet!
After work, the boyfriend dropped by and brought these:
Since i was busy 'cooking', Ahem, i asked him to buy IceCream and Lechon Manok for the dinner part. I loooove you to death, Amps! Kahit busy or pagod sa work, you're still willing to help! Kahit nasa kabilang street lang naman yung bilihan, inutos ko pa sayo! Hehe!
And here's my mom smiling and all with her handa! I hope i made her happy :]

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Curls and Masks

My mom and i were suddenly in the mood for some girl bonding pamper time. We rarely do this, since my mom and i usually never jive in a lot of things. To make it simpler, we dont get along so well. Especially lately that im just bum in the house who usually stays up way too late for her liking. Anyway, i was trying to curl my hair when my mom saw me and asked if she can borrow my Curlformers. We wanted to see how we would look like with curly tresses. She told me i look older and chubbier, but i said i looked more fun and bubbly. I used a curling iron, the almost broken rusty one gathering dusts in my dresser. Her, on the other hand, just had waves in her hair after an hour of using the curlformers. We also used face masks while watching tv and munching on chococaramel biscuits. I used my remaining choco mask from MontagneJeunesse, and i also applied Charcoal Mask from Daiso on my mom. 

I actually have nothing really great to say about both masks, as they were just okay-and-fine to me. Nothing very special. Ive used both several times before. The chocolate masks made my skin look a lil brighter and smooth after washing it off. The charcoal mask i use mainly for removing fine facial hair and some sebum on the face. Its the reason why i used the charcoal mask on my mom cause i wanted to rid of her balbon face. HAHA. That sounded weird and funny. Balbon face. Haha. But I dont think the Daiso Mask removes white/blackheads effectively. Even when i steam my face beforehand. But for my boyfriend, yes, ive used it on him too, it did that job. Some comedones really were removed. Maybe because he rarely preps up his face, so the product can really suck up alot of impurities. Cause i, for one, puts alot of scrubs/mask/creams/toner on my face so maybe theres nothin left to remove anymore! Haha. 

Pink and Glitters

Using my Nyx Girls Polish in Carnival, i made my pink PhoneCase all Glittery! Here is how it looks now. Looks so fun and festive. In time with the Holidays! Haha. I suddenly want everything fluffy and sparkling! #girly


Yes, i am one shameless lazybum with nothing better to do than just blog and join giveaways online. Haha. Sometimes, i wonder what it would feel like to actually work in an office, or better yet, to actually do what i enjoy doing the most. Maybe anything arts related. On most occasions though, when im not in the mood to just laze around the house, my boyfriend picks me up so we could eat somewhere out, or we would just hang around his place watch movies or have him play psp while i make a fuss about his face, applying facial masks and scrubs. Sometimes, i paint his nails too. But when im feeling a lil more bummed about being a bum, haha, yes, that happens, i go to his workplace and be my usual girlfriend-pest in their office. Fortunately, he works in a photocafe in a known tourist spot here in our place, so i get to hangout there without getting bored.

Theres always alot of people and there's even an animal show everyday. Plus wifi and food. Its actually a mini zoo park, [Baluarte, if any of you are familiar with it. Its owned by our governor here in Ilocos.]

I LOVE THE ANIMALS! There's the Palawan bearcat i usually call a Carebear; Jacob the Potbelly pig who paints; Snakes of all sorts and lots and lots of Tigers whom i fondly call Jafar 1, Jafar 2 and Jafar 3. And ofcourse the most famous of all, the one who gets photographed alot, is Tom. Tom the cat as i always say, i wonder where's Jerry.

And here are some more pictures taken thru my phone on random days that i visit him,
The PhotoCafe where he works at
Very typical Pinoy.. tsk. A signage near the park
Him taking photos of Tourists
I love it when Tom is semi-sleeping! He reluctantly sits up while he gets photographed even when hes taking a nap or simply chilling in his bench, he has his own super airfan too!
Some ''tourist'y'' shots the boyfriend took of me, the first time i went there. Yes, its located in my hometown, and i pretty much grew up here in Ilocos, but i never bothered going here before. Even when we had guests/visitors, i didnt tag along when they go visit some tourist spots or whatevs.
The grumpy boyfriend. Haha! Cant blame him, who would want to have a kiddo-girlfriend who fleets about everywhere [jumping and screaming for you to buy her food] while youre at work? NOBODY. Sometimes, i bring him lunch or snacks, to suffice him. Yes, bribery. And he always lets me watch the Animal Shows and buys me Tornado Potato or what i fondly call Hurricane Patata. Sometimes Takoyaki or Siomai. Or sometimes, all. Haha. Cant blame him :D
Here's the ostrich he always fights with! SERIOUSLY! The wide-eyed creature always steals food thats meant for the birds, thats why! And he loves the birds, the parrots and the colorful winged ones im not sure what their species are. That ostrich is humongous, scares me like shit.

So anyway, thats all for now :] Have a great weekend, everyone :]

Friday, 16 December 2011

Bunnies and Flowers

I know, that the Floral Vintage craze has long been gone. And the fad has ended, but since i saw Xiaxue's new blog layout, i couldnt stop myself from envying how pretty it turned out. I am suddenly into Bunnies too, after watching her pet vids and seeing little Igloo's cute antics. Looked so matching, Bunnies and Flowers. Right now, i wanna own a fluffly hopper too!
So anyway, in all attempts of changing my layout, i made this flimsy banner, which had a cute quote written on it. But when i was done with semi-editing my blog look, i wasnt so sure that i was getting what i actually wanted it to look like. So i started tweaking it into another theme, the girly-frilly vibe accompanied by bad graphics didnt look so appealing to me anymore. So it didnt last for long. Ima share with you some pretty background-worthy wallpaper photos though, wish i could place em as my room wallpaper..

Thursday, 15 December 2011



Yesterday, i tweeted [follow me] that i was @TummyTalk with my friends and the boyfriend to celebrate Yayie's birthday, and for us to meet the supposed love of her life. That was the sole reason why i went, i was dying to meet him in person, that Val na walang malay whom she cant seem to stop talking about lately.

So there's my friend acting all cute and giddy beside her current love interest <3
And here are some other more pictures during our merienda with Yayie's dutymates..
And this is the boyfriend and myself amidst an amusing argument or a funny conversation. Im not sure which.
And here's our usual barkada shots, with our own versions of FB-DP trademark faces
Arent we the cutest? Haha. Kidding.
Had fun with my friends, and i am extremely happy for Yayie, that finally she gets to hook up with someone who seems nice enough. Though i aint sure if he'll end up breaking her poor lil heart yet again, well i hope not. She's so happy as a frilly little girl. Haha. Thanks for the treat, Ms.Finally.In.A.Relationship

My Christmas 2011 Wishlist

Pugad Baboy 22 & 23
Wifi Router
Kawaii Earphones
Black Wedge / Gladiators
Plain White & Beige Camisole
Chocolate Cake
Sleek Pout Paint
Nyx Soft Matte / Xtreme Lipcream
Ever Bilena Berry Rose Lipstick
[photo credit: Ms.Maggie of Morbidfrank]
Aido Eye Putti
Velcro Hair Clip
The Face Shop Flower Silky Foundation
Yellow / Pink Satchel Bag
Pink Laptop
Eyelash Perm
Digital Perm / Rebond
Japanese Layered Cut
Lush Bath Ballistic
Folder / Magazine Organizer
2012 Planner
Frontcover AirKiss