Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Sparkle Sakura Brown

From my previous post, i mentioned that i got myself some new lenses. One of em is the Sparkle Sakura Brown 15mm. I used to own a pair of Geo Sakura Brown, and yes they almost have the same design. But when these lenses arrived, i realized that they have a little difference. When you look closely, you will notice that aside from it being soaked upside down [haha], is that the inner lighter brown color has a spiky design towards the center. Whereas in the Geo Sakura, the brown part is a solid ring of color. But they both have thick black limbal rings. Which i adore so much. Makes the eyes look very dolly and anime-like.
Also, another thing i noticed is that, the Sparkle lenses are soo much thinner than my previous Sakura Lens from Geo. Although, they are a breeze to wear since i could hardly feel anything in my eyes when i wear em, the downside of it being extremely thin is that IT IS SUCH A PAIN TO PUT ON. They keep sticking on my finger and just wont stay in my eye when i put em. It takes me atleast a minute or two to put them in place. Unlike in my Geo lenses, i can even put em on without a mirror and it would only take me 2-3 seconds. Just one try, and theyre perfectly in place. With this Sparkle lens that im reviewing, i have been warned by another seller friend that the reason why this Sparkle lenses are so cheap is that they are really thin, hence, they would probably tear easily. By the way, i got this pair for 199php from a Facebook seller-friend. The Geo lenses cost atleast 300php.
Wearing the lens. Photo take with Flash.
They are not as vibrant as my Geo Sakura as well, they look a tad darker on my very dull black eyes compared to when Geo Sakura. Which kinda disappointed me. But well, atleast its a lil more natural looking. Since it blends so well with my natural eye color and the stark distinction between the lens and my real eye color isnt so noticeable or bold. Except for the thick black limbal ring ofcourse, there's nothing really natural about it. ~haha

And here's another photo of me wearing Sparkle Sakura Brown without Flash. See? It almost looks black! Or atleast with a hint of dark brown going on. Oh well, i still love these lenses nonetheless. But i would probably go back to Geo Sakura Brown when this one tears. :p

SO, Here's a VERY large collage of my photo wearing 'em. ~Boo! Haha!

Lens: Sparkle Sakura Brown
Diameter: 15mm

LifeSpan: 1year
Price: 199php

Design: 4/5 Almost with the same effect as Geo Sakura brown and Eos Candy brown but still not quite the same. This one is less vibrant and opaque. Love the thick black limbal ring!
Enlargement: 5/5 Enlarges my eyes pretty well, but nothing too obvious and alieny about it. Just perfectly round and dolly. 
Comfort: 3/5 Superb comfort level. I almost gave it a 4 or 5. But because of it being too thin and hard to put on, i decided to just give it a 3. Worn it for long period of time without eye drops or lubricant, still no irritation. My eyes arent extremely dry anyway.
TOTAL: 4/5 Insanely comfortable to wear. Just hard to put on. Design is max chio. Very affordable. Always available online. Natural looking yet gives dolly effect. Good for everyday wear. :]

Anyway, i hope you all have a great day ahead! Smile and be happy always <3

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