Friday, 9 November 2012


Im so happy to have a pefect mix of friends. Wild, demure, noisy, naive, lewd, crazy, embarassing, etc. Haha! I may only have a few of em, but i dont care if i only get a few real friends till i die, theyir craziness is enough to last me a lifetime. And they may not be literally beside me all the time. But i know they always have my back.. My stuff. My food. Haha! And not always the typical 'good' friends.. May not be the most perfect and sane examples of human beings.. But im always glad i met each of em :) Better than any one else's set of friends. That, im proud of. :) i love YOU. Yes, the five of you. @yaahyeeh @noaduhhrwmn @kawoh0401 @verzaxhe @beverlyjoylazo

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