Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Sparkle Sakura Gray

Im sorry, it took so long for me to continue this Sparkle lens review. I was just too lazy to update this blog. Sorry. I just found the time to update this cos i just finished designing some card templates for Lash-Up. I will be blogging about Lashup next time :]
So here's my other pair of Sakura Lenses from Sparkle. Like my Brown ones, this is 15mm as well. I will have the same ratings with regards to comfort. But with Enlargement and Design, its a different story. This is my current favorite lens to wear, not that i have alot to choose from though. ~Haha.

Here's how they look soaked in solution. The grey part isnt really noticeable. Which i like. Cause sometimes when its too vibrant or light, it may look too ghoulish or cataract-infected. Haha. Seriously, ive seen people wearing the wrong shade of grey on their eyes. :P

A photo of me wearing it, with flash from the cam. It looks so dreamy and scary at the same time. Haha.
Another photo, this time, without flash, but take note that i am directly under the luminance of my room fluorescent light. I was lying down on my bed when i took this! Haha. Here is a collage of my pics, ahem, vain much i know. Its just that, this is my fave pair of lenses to wear! HAHA!

Lens: Sparkle Sakura Gray
Diameter: 15mm

LifeSpan: 1year
Price: 199php

Design: 4/5 Almost with the same effect as Geo Sakura Gray and Eos Candy Gray but still not quite the same. This one is less vibrant and opaque and i believe these ones from Sparkle has a thicker and darker limbal ring which i adooore so much. And also, it has a zigzag-y spikey gray color on the inside, instead of just one solid gray color.
Enlargement: 5/5 Enlarges my eyes SO WELL,  they look perfectly round and dolly. My eyes look very emphasized when im wearing these, not really very natural. But yes, dolly, indeed.
Comfort: 3/5 Superb comfort level. I almost gave it a 4 or 5. But because of it being too thin and hard to put on, i decided to just give it a 3. Worn it for long period of time without eye drops or lubricant, still no irritation. My eyes arent extremely dry anyway.
TOTAL: 4/5 Insanely comfortable to wear. Just hard to put on. Design is great. Very affordable. Always available online. Gives a very dark mysterious dolly effect. I dont pretty much think that this is perfect for everyday wear, maybe for others yeah. But for myself, i wear this when im wearing my black and white cross and skulls ensembles, and mostly not during chirpy sunny mornings, maybe night time? But thats just me. Haha :D 

 So there, i hope you found this review of mine helpful. Enjoy your day today! ^_______^


  1. how much shiping fee?

  2. How much shipping fee? I'm from Pampanga. :)

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