Saturday, 17 December 2011


Yes, i am one shameless lazybum with nothing better to do than just blog and join giveaways online. Haha. Sometimes, i wonder what it would feel like to actually work in an office, or better yet, to actually do what i enjoy doing the most. Maybe anything arts related. On most occasions though, when im not in the mood to just laze around the house, my boyfriend picks me up so we could eat somewhere out, or we would just hang around his place watch movies or have him play psp while i make a fuss about his face, applying facial masks and scrubs. Sometimes, i paint his nails too. But when im feeling a lil more bummed about being a bum, haha, yes, that happens, i go to his workplace and be my usual girlfriend-pest in their office. Fortunately, he works in a photocafe in a known tourist spot here in our place, so i get to hangout there without getting bored.

Theres always alot of people and there's even an animal show everyday. Plus wifi and food. Its actually a mini zoo park, [Baluarte, if any of you are familiar with it. Its owned by our governor here in Ilocos.]

I LOVE THE ANIMALS! There's the Palawan bearcat i usually call a Carebear; Jacob the Potbelly pig who paints; Snakes of all sorts and lots and lots of Tigers whom i fondly call Jafar 1, Jafar 2 and Jafar 3. And ofcourse the most famous of all, the one who gets photographed alot, is Tom. Tom the cat as i always say, i wonder where's Jerry.

And here are some more pictures taken thru my phone on random days that i visit him,
The PhotoCafe where he works at
Very typical Pinoy.. tsk. A signage near the park
Him taking photos of Tourists
I love it when Tom is semi-sleeping! He reluctantly sits up while he gets photographed even when hes taking a nap or simply chilling in his bench, he has his own super airfan too!
Some ''tourist'y'' shots the boyfriend took of me, the first time i went there. Yes, its located in my hometown, and i pretty much grew up here in Ilocos, but i never bothered going here before. Even when we had guests/visitors, i didnt tag along when they go visit some tourist spots or whatevs.
The grumpy boyfriend. Haha! Cant blame him, who would want to have a kiddo-girlfriend who fleets about everywhere [jumping and screaming for you to buy her food] while youre at work? NOBODY. Sometimes, i bring him lunch or snacks, to suffice him. Yes, bribery. And he always lets me watch the Animal Shows and buys me Tornado Potato or what i fondly call Hurricane Patata. Sometimes Takoyaki or Siomai. Or sometimes, all. Haha. Cant blame him :D
Here's the ostrich he always fights with! SERIOUSLY! The wide-eyed creature always steals food thats meant for the birds, thats why! And he loves the birds, the parrots and the colorful winged ones im not sure what their species are. That ostrich is humongous, scares me like shit.

So anyway, thats all for now :] Have a great weekend, everyone :]

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