Thursday, 22 December 2011

Happy Birthday to my Frenemy!


Its actually my Mom! Haha. Here's my wallpost in FB for her birthday.

Yes, we dont get along really well, like what ive mentioned in my Girl bonding post, but still she's my mom. And i love her. Though she's annoying. Haha. I know she wont be preparing anything and wont be getting any gifts; she has no plans on her birthday at all. She wants to just rest, she said. So i whipped up a plan with the boyfriend, we went gift-hunting. After 2 days, we got her the tan sandals she wanted to purchase but her size was OOS. I fortunately found another store with the same item, and they had her size. Yei! 
And then we went to the grocery to buy the ingredients we'll be needing. Yes, i attempted to COOK. My boyfriend was skeptical about the whole idea of me cooking; i swear, i could read the disagreement in his face the entire time! How unsupportive!!!! Anyway, i was planning to cook something very simple anyway, so i worried not. Just pasta. No fuss. When i was done cooking, i posted a photo of it on Twitter, just to show everyone how actually EDIBLE it looked. I actually brought some for Amps and his friends during their inuman, when i sneaked out of the house and went biking around at night. Masarap naman DAW. 
Here's everything i prepared for her. Cept the box of brownies which my Tita brought for her, sweeet!
After work, the boyfriend dropped by and brought these:
Since i was busy 'cooking', Ahem, i asked him to buy IceCream and Lechon Manok for the dinner part. I loooove you to death, Amps! Kahit busy or pagod sa work, you're still willing to help! Kahit nasa kabilang street lang naman yung bilihan, inutos ko pa sayo! Hehe!
And here's my mom smiling and all with her handa! I hope i made her happy :]

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