Thursday, 15 December 2011



Yesterday, i tweeted [follow me] that i was @TummyTalk with my friends and the boyfriend to celebrate Yayie's birthday, and for us to meet the supposed love of her life. That was the sole reason why i went, i was dying to meet him in person, that Val na walang malay whom she cant seem to stop talking about lately.

So there's my friend acting all cute and giddy beside her current love interest <3
And here are some other more pictures during our merienda with Yayie's dutymates..
And this is the boyfriend and myself amidst an amusing argument or a funny conversation. Im not sure which.
And here's our usual barkada shots, with our own versions of FB-DP trademark faces
Arent we the cutest? Haha. Kidding.
Had fun with my friends, and i am extremely happy for Yayie, that finally she gets to hook up with someone who seems nice enough. Though i aint sure if he'll end up breaking her poor lil heart yet again, well i hope not. She's so happy as a frilly little girl. Haha. Thanks for the treat, Ms.Finally.In.A.Relationship

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  1. Aww. Nainggit naman ako sa mga love life niyo... :(

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