Friday, 2 December 2011

Thank You Ms.Ashley

On one particular day, when i actually wokeup on the wrong side of the bed, as how others may put it; i was feeling groggy and grumpy, for no reason at all. I didnt feel like going out so while in my bed,  i checked my phone and went online.. and saw this:

My god, you could just imagine my excitement and squeal when i read my name! FINALLY! I had won my first GA contest, after joining and joining alooooot of blog giveaways! I was beyond ecstatic, it completely turned my mood around! I got up from bed and called my boyfriend as i was on my merry way to my bathroom! I was suddenly feeling giddy and hyper that i decided to go out, and visit him at his work only so i could show him this! :]]

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She posts alot of useful reviews and she has a very down to earth and relatable way of writing and blogging.

Here are the goodies i won, on the day the parcel arrived on my doorstep!
She sent it through LBC and i was actually glad to see the ever so jolly Manong LBC, i havent seen him in a long time. He used to come here almost every other day to deliver parcels, or sometimes i raid their office when i have missing packages :]]
Everything was encased in a nifty bubblewrap for the safety and protection of the items inside, especially that it had two nail polish bottles inside.

Here are the actual items i got from Ms.Ashley!
This was the reason i actually joined in the first place, ive been looking for this all over and i havent seen it the last time i visited a Daiso store in Manila. I even asked my tita whos in UAE to send it to me, but couldnt get her hands on it as well. Only the charcoal soap was available, she said. So im really really happy that i finally get to try this! Thanks Ms.Ash, you are so fabulously divine and generous :]
Lovely colors i must say, the blue one caught my eye. I immediately applied it on my nails, and this is how it looked like on my nails, with just one coat. No base or top coat used. I call it my 'wonderwoman nails', cause it reminds me so much of the red and blue ensemble of Ms. Wonderwoman herself.
My friend has the MAC Wonder Woman nail lacquer in Spirit of Truth, and though this one from TFS is alot brighter than MAC's version, i could easily make a dupe of it by applying more coats, say three or two. I LOVE IT! My boyfie hates loud nail colors, but he likes this one just fine. Makes my hand look fair and hip!
The Flower Silky Foundation from TheFaceShop
Phytogenic foundation from TheFaceShop
I always loved getting product samples, they are vey convenient on those who are on the lookout for their HG products, like myself. And though i have yet to use the Phytogenic one, i am soooo loving the Silky foundation. It really does make my face look and feel silky. I rarely get along well with liquid foundies or bb creams as they always make my face oilier than it already is. But with this one, that wasnt the case. Im glad that even the shade matched my skin tone very well. Im actually planning to purchase the product once i visit a TFS branch.
I have yet to use these as well, since im still on the lookout for my lash glue which i think is lost under a ton of rubbish makeup/vanity items. Haha. Will probably use it on some random events these Holidays.
This item caught the fancy of my boyfriend, he couldnt figure out what it was. It looks sleek and cool according to him, and also functional, just that he cant quite figure out what its' function is. Haha. Mad cute.
The Face Shop Sample Soaps
The Face Shop Color Nuance Single Eyeshadow
Im not really sure what the color code is, but against my skin, it looked like a dark smokey blue color, although it looks shimmery light blue on the pan. It has a satin finish, with minimal fall out, great pigmentation and blends very well. I usually pair it with a silver or gray eyeshadow, or both to create the perfect cool toned smokey eye. LOVESIT!


I enjoyed reading the instruction manual! The graphics looked so cute and looked so fun to try. So yes, i did. And i was amazed at how smooth and soft my face turned out after exfoliating. I always make it a point to scrub and exfoliate my skin, so im loving this product. It actually has two samples inside, and i wanted my mom to try it. But she said, she has no time to actually include it in her bath routine, so i just might try it on my boyfie whether he likes it or not! HAHA! 
Ive been wanting to order some glittery eye products, too bad the Gliteratti Pallete was OOS on my supplier. So i was excited to try this one, its the glitter mascara in Tokyo Night. But it didnt quite work out on my short stiff lashes. But i still love the color of the glitters though, green with golden flecks, reminds me of mermaids tails. I might just find another way to use it. Hehe.
The only lip product in the loot. Im a lip junkie, so im still grateful that theres one lippie product i get to try out. On my first swipe i didnt quite like it, looked sheer, glossy and sticky. But on my next try, i actually loved the shine and plumping effect it did on my lips. Felt like my lips were smooth and plump. I love using it on top of my nude/pale pink lipsticks.

~I also got a sample size of Clarins Exfoliating Cream but forgot to take a photo of it, since im already using it and i left it on my bathroom counter. Haha. Works like magic.I love it to bits!

Thanks again to Ms.Ashley for hosting this giveaway and for being very kind and generous to send me these items, i am forever grateful that you made me win! Haha. Advance Merry Christmas and Godbless. I hope you had a lovely stay here in the Philippines during your vacation :]

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