Friday, 16 December 2011

Bunnies and Flowers

I know, that the Floral Vintage craze has long been gone. And the fad has ended, but since i saw Xiaxue's new blog layout, i couldnt stop myself from envying how pretty it turned out. I am suddenly into Bunnies too, after watching her pet vids and seeing little Igloo's cute antics. Looked so matching, Bunnies and Flowers. Right now, i wanna own a fluffly hopper too!
So anyway, in all attempts of changing my layout, i made this flimsy banner, which had a cute quote written on it. But when i was done with semi-editing my blog look, i wasnt so sure that i was getting what i actually wanted it to look like. So i started tweaking it into another theme, the girly-frilly vibe accompanied by bad graphics didnt look so appealing to me anymore. So it didnt last for long. Ima share with you some pretty background-worthy wallpaper photos though, wish i could place em as my room wallpaper..

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