Saturday, 17 December 2011

Curls and Masks

My mom and i were suddenly in the mood for some girl bonding pamper time. We rarely do this, since my mom and i usually never jive in a lot of things. To make it simpler, we dont get along so well. Especially lately that im just bum in the house who usually stays up way too late for her liking. Anyway, i was trying to curl my hair when my mom saw me and asked if she can borrow my Curlformers. We wanted to see how we would look like with curly tresses. She told me i look older and chubbier, but i said i looked more fun and bubbly. I used a curling iron, the almost broken rusty one gathering dusts in my dresser. Her, on the other hand, just had waves in her hair after an hour of using the curlformers. We also used face masks while watching tv and munching on chococaramel biscuits. I used my remaining choco mask from MontagneJeunesse, and i also applied Charcoal Mask from Daiso on my mom. 

I actually have nothing really great to say about both masks, as they were just okay-and-fine to me. Nothing very special. Ive used both several times before. The chocolate masks made my skin look a lil brighter and smooth after washing it off. The charcoal mask i use mainly for removing fine facial hair and some sebum on the face. Its the reason why i used the charcoal mask on my mom cause i wanted to rid of her balbon face. HAHA. That sounded weird and funny. Balbon face. Haha. But I dont think the Daiso Mask removes white/blackheads effectively. Even when i steam my face beforehand. But for my boyfriend, yes, ive used it on him too, it did that job. Some comedones really were removed. Maybe because he rarely preps up his face, so the product can really suck up alot of impurities. Cause i, for one, puts alot of scrubs/mask/creams/toner on my face so maybe theres nothin left to remove anymore! Haha. 


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